Orto Porrini

Good fresh vegetables in large quantities and quality


Orto Porrini is a Mantuan farm. We cultivate the products of the earth and we produce fresh vegetables in large quantities: we prepare them for the distribution in packed heads, guaranteeing high quality and in full obedience of certified standards.

Salads, chicory, beets and cabbage: our fresh vegetables and leafy vegetables are cultivated both in the greenhouse and in the open field, with particular attention to the sustainability of the crops and the environmental impact.


Beginning from 2006, our Agricultural Company has embarked on a path that has led to the achievement of the voluntary certification of the protocol GLOBALG.A.P.

Quantity and quality

Our Agricultural Company guarantees a constant delivery of fresh vegetables in quantity, thanks to the consistent size of the cultivated areas


We guarantee planned and punctual deliveries throughout Italy and in the European community, in particular England and Germany


Products can be packed in various formats:

  • loose
  • open bag
  • closed bag
  • retractable film bag
  • tray with micro-perforated
  • tray with retractable film

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