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Orto Porrini is a Mantuan farm. We cultivate the products of the earth and we produce fresh vegetables in large quantities: we prepare them for the distribution in packed heads, guaranteeing high quality and in full obedience of certified standards.

Salads, chicories, chards, cabbages: our fresh vegetables and leafy vegetables are cultivated both in the greenhouse and in the open field, with particular attention to the sustainability of the crops and the environmental impact.



We are repositories of a horticultural tradition of more than one hundred years in Castelgrimaldo di Volta Mantovana, a small fraction of the commune of the upper part of Mantua, at the foot of the morainic hills. The characteristics of the fertile soils of Mantua, in the Po valley, allow us to work with satisfaction our fields, because the earth has a sandy component and it naturally facilitates the drainage.

The proximity of Lake Garda brings good ventilation and ensures a fairly mild climate: these climatic conditions allow us to grow our products throughout the year, at different times, following the seasonality.


In addition to the support of natural factors, the evolution of increasingly refined farming techniques has enabled us to achieve the best results in terms of quality, precocity and continuity of agricultural yields, making our fresh vegetables a certainty for large-scale retail trade. We cultivate for our customers the best varieties of leafy vegetables, cabbages, beets  and chicories, making fresh, genuine products with adequate crunchiness and excellent storability.

We have followed the rapid evolution of the market and the commercialization techniques of horticulture products, also maintaining the traditional and authentic character that distinguishes this type of agricultural production, that is present in the territory of Mantua for centuries.


Our products is available to agree and plan personalized programs of annual delivery.

Our agricultural company guarantees for years fresh and in quantity vegetables.
thanks to the consistent size of the cultivated areas: we offer the quality of the products certified according to the Good Agricultural Practices (GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP), we can pack each product with the required weight and packaging (loose or packaged),

We are reliable and flexible suppliers: we know the needs of our customers, we adapt to the needs, we are open to requests that can provide for the research and production of new varieties of products.

The area cultivated by our Agricultural Company exceeds 150 hectares of cultivated soil, of which 25% on protected structures (greenhouses) and 75% in open fields. We are aligned with the quality and traceability demands of the current sustainable agriculture, with a controlled use of phytosanitaries and anti-cryptogamic agents with low environmental impact. We use them only when it is necessary and always following the evaluations of agronomist-technicians. For years we have been active in the search for the most suitable materials for the reduction of environmental waste, in order to use them in the production, the packaging and the transport phases of our products. 

At the end of 2018 Porrini Bio was born, a new company started by the owners and occupied in the production of certified organic products, including Trocadero lettuce, Gentile lettuce, cos lettuce, curly endive, escarole, Milano chicory, radicchio from Chioggia.

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