Agricultural production is the fundamental ground of the quality of the entire agricultural and food chain. In the recent period, the market and consumers have gained increasing attention to quality and safety, demanding adequate answers from companies.

Beginning from 2006, our Agricultural Company has embarked on a path that has led to the achievement of the voluntary certification of the protocol GLOBALG.A.P., the Certification of Good Agricultural Practices, that is the most effective tool to ensure the safety and the environmental compatibility of horticultural products.

The obtained certification, which establishes a precise protocol for the cultivation of agricultural products, responds precisely to the current needs of sustainable agriculture, ensures the traceability of the entire supply chain and the application of the HACCP methodology for food safety (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), through very strict standards of control, verification and analysis.

We continue to maintain the standards achieved by the company and we undertake to obtain updated and new certifications.