with controlled seed “GMO certificate”

We purchase raw materials from nurseries accredited by the Lombardy Region: all the seedlings of the different varieties are accompanied by phytosanitary passport, health certifications and GMO free declarations issued by the seed companies.

Even before a vegetable matures in the field, it has a history already traced (and always traceable through the number of lots): it is the journey made since it was a seed to when it becomes a plant.

Automatic transplant

with latest generation machines


The direct transplanting in the open or in the greenhouse takes place using leading transplanting machines: the seedlings and a biodegradable sheet (biomass) are placed at the same time, which limits the onset of weeds and eliminates the use of herbicides. Transplants occur continuously, depending on the variety, during the whole year.


In the production phase we respect the Integrated Production Disciplinary, an agricultural and food production system that uses production methods and defense against adversity of agricultural productions.

These methods are aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing fertilization, in full compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological principles.


In the processing and distribution phase, we follow the HACCP control plan. After being collected they are taken to the insulated storehouse with controlled temperature where they will then be cleaned and washed, the products are packed in various formats (loose, open bag, closed bag, tray with micro-perforated or retractable film etc.) depending on the needs of the customers.

All products are cleaned of impurities and comply with the proper hygiene conditions for sale and consumption.

Transport and shipping

Transport is carried out with its own means of transport, on a national level, and sometimes through specialized external companies.

The vehicles are equipped with refrigerated or isothermal containers to keep the cold chain constant in every passage and all the operators are sensitized to the control of the hygiene of the vehicle at the time of loading.